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Our story begins at Willow Farm in Cambridgeshire. For six generations the Taylor family have been growing England’s finest potatoes on their Fenland farm.

At age 15, Ross Taylor started to sell the family product door-to-door and in only a few years he had created a fully-fledged logistics business.

Willow Farm is situated in the heart of the Cambridgeshire Fens. The black peaty soil, rich in nutrients, gives our potatoes a unique oaky taste.


This is a result of how the present day Fens were created. During the last glacial period, long before any of us were here, this was a dense low-lying forest. As water levels rose, the trees fell and were preserved in peat bogs. These ‘bog oaks’ lay beneath the surface, undisturbed in the acidic bog conditions, until the Fens began to be drained in the 1700s.

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As well as many acres dedicated to potato production, Willow Farm is also the location for our crisp factory. We grow, cook and package on the farm, offering low food miles and giving you the freshest tasting, crispiest crisp you will ever enjoy.


As a business owned by arable farmers, Corkers is committed to reducing its environmental impact. Ross Taylor has made it his intention to reduce Corkers’ carbon emissions, increase recycling and plant hectares of trees. Ross and his father Basil were so convinced of the quality of their farm grown potatoes, that they tried frying them as crisps.


The result was spectacular, producing flavourful, light and crunchy crisps.

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In 2010 Ross went ahead with his new venture; hand-cooking crisps using a traditional method.


Since then, Corkers unique flavour combinations and quirky packaging have attracted much attention, scooping many awards along the way and the company has grown enormously. 

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